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View From the Porch


Grab your coffee and join me for a quick visit today. It will be quick because this begins my busiest time (for the next four months) in my ‘day job.’ I have time for a quick coffee and then I am off working all weekend. In addition to writing/editing in my full-time author job, I have a full time day job that keeps life on its toes around the clock.

But for a few minutes, I take a deep breath, visit my furbabies, water my dying rose bushes, and toss out some food for the doves and blue jays who wait each Sunday morning for a treat. When I return later this evening, I must get some work done of edits for my editor.

Speaking of furbabies and animals…a good porch must have space for those special visitors also. Our neighbors’ two cats roam through my yard and visit when they want a snack. My own two cats (always housebound) sit in their large window and send bad thoughts to these interlopers on their property…at least, that is what their expressions seem to say. There is something about the calming presence of a cat lazing on the porch, eyeing the world ‘beneath’ it and allowing a human to join in the same space, that is very peaceful. I am sorry for people who don’t like cats.

The dogs believe they must sit in the porch swing also…which tends to get crowded at times. How many special ‘visitors’ do you have on your porch?

Right now, the huge willow that is in the front yard, is cluttering the ground with its dying leaves. They are like gold confetti falling through the air and giving the ground a look of impending Fall. Although the thermometer showed 103 yesterday, there is a hint of Fall in the air. Do you ever get the ‘feeling’ when the seasons are about to slide in and surprise us? I have that…despite the weatherman’s report. I look forward to how the mornings will have their much cooler temps to begin the day in a short time. People grab a light jacket in the mornings, then shed it by noon.

My daughter madly loves everything to do with Fall and Halloween. She began decorating weeks ago. LOL I will follow suit when I get some time to spend at home…

Favorite holidays? Mine are Easter, Christmas, Halloween. Love the decorations and the weather associated with such. Next visit on the porch, we should talk more about that topic. I would love to hear from those of you and see photos of any special DIY projects you have done or are in the midst of to decorate your porch or house.

Right now, I must leave the rocker on the front porch and head to my office, leaving the cats to handle things from their perch. As always, I hope this coming week will only bring good things to you and those you care about. Until next time….


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