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Front Porch Thoughts: Family and Life

From the porch…..

Happy Sunday morning all! Life has continued around one and all, and there is much to look ahead to…many changes. But life is constantly changing. Whenever you think you have it all situated and are about to take that breath of calm…off to the races we go again!

In our house, we are celebrating our son’s 32nd birthday. Where has the time gone? He was just a baby yesterday. That’s the mom in me. As I reflect today, on the quietness of the porch with my mug of coffee in hand, I see a young couple from down the block. They are out in the early morning, pushing their two little ones in a double stroller. I reflect how once upon a time that was me. And what I wouldn’t do to go back in time to those moments. What would I change?

My husband and I would not kill ourselves by working from dawn to midnight. The pace of life would be slowed…a lot. We were slaves to demanding bosses and schedules and the need to focus on money. Yes, one must have money to survive in the world, but there are other things that are more important. You just don’t see that at the time. There is something to be said for sitting on a porch and reflecting. And there is something to be said for maturity and being able to see the tree for the forest now.

More families should sit on a porch together. Begin with one night or morning a week. Make it a ritual. Serve dinner on the porch. Crank up an ice cream freezer…serve an ice-cold watermelon…whatever your family enjoys. Do whatever will reel in the ones you love for just a half hour even. Sit in silence…share thoughts…no subject is taboo. Don’t talk about the work you have to do or problems with bosses, world issues, etc. Talk about what is important to each person in that moment…or just laugh…talk nonsense…share dreams. The stuff…the minutiae of life that makes it worthwhile.

Because time will fly faster than you can imagine. You will then find yourself sitting on the porch alone, wishing for ones who aren’t there, and watching others make the same mistakes without even knowing what they will soon regret. Wow…reflections on this Sunday morning.

What is ahead for the author in me? I am just about to finish the first round of edits from my content editor on the final book in my series. Then I will hope to complete work on the Christmas book…which given the month, it will be a book to shop for Christmas 2020! I have the Sisters of the Yellow Rose series to complete as readers are asking where the other two sisters’ stories are. And there is a new series taking shape in the back of my brain even as I type these words. And here for you is the series title….it is my Texas Courage Series.

Thank you to the readers who have visited with me on this porch for the responses you have sent to me about your own porches. I love hearing about your special places in your own worlds. Keep them coming!

Whatever is going on in your lives at the moment, I wish you well…strength, courage, hope, and peace. My porch is always open for your visits. And as always, I wish you an amazing week ahead and happy reading!


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