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From the Porch-November 2019

It’s me again!

Confession comes first. I am not sitting on my front porch while I write this. It is too windy and too cold outside. But I do have a large mug of hot chocolate beside me as I write. Am taking a small break from writing on my second book in The Sisters of the Yellow Rose series…Two-Steppin’, Cowboy. That is going on in-between edits coming in and going out on the Blood Brothers series that is being launched by Tule Publishing in early 2020. Busy times in my writing life and also in my day job with football in full swing.

Confession number two…I did something out of the ‘normal’ box. Over the last four decades of married life and even years before that, we put up our Christmas tree and decorations on the weekend of Thanksgiving…after a big turkey dinner. But I decided that I wanted to be able to enjoy the beautiful tree and lights (inside the house) longer than the normal time. So, my living room is ready for Christmas today! Why not? Do what you enjoy! Don’t worry what others might think of your sanity.

How many watch the Chevy Chase holiday movie, Christmas Vacation, each year? Well, I lived it for decades. I married a man who embodies Chevy’s character to a T. And each Christmas, our house threatened to blow the electric grid of our town. However, since my husband’s health has slowed him down, we have toned things down now. Our house is very ‘subdued’ outside now on these holidays…LOL. The good part of that change is that our electric bill no longer resembles the national debt and it no longer takes months to dismantle the thousands of lights and put them away.All things move in cycles. Whether there are a myriad of lights on every nook and cranny of a house or a small twinkling tree only in a corner, it is perfect…for you and your loved ones. And that is really what matters…that you and your loved ones get to share another holiday together. So bring on the turkey and trimmings and we will celebrate and give thanks on Thanksgiving under the glow of the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree!

Stay warm and safe in your travels and remember to take time to enjoy some hot chocolate in a cozy chair with a warm blanket and a good book!!


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