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New Years Thoughts from Debra Holt Books

January 13, 2019….

The New Year has begun. I don’t have any resolutions. However, I did eat the obligatory black-eyed peas for New Year’s Day dinner. Then I bought a lottery ticket and did not win anything. Go figure.

What I have instead of resolutions, are a multitude of thanks. I thank my readers who use their hard-earned funds and purchase my writing. I doubly thank those who take their time and leave well-thought-out reviews on my work. I thank the publishers who continue to believe in my work and contract more of it. To the editors and marketers, my awesome virtual assistant, my beta readers, family and friends… anyone who I have met along the way and came away with a renewed sense that all the hours and words and roller coaster of emotions have been worth it… THANK YOU!!

I have twelve published books. I have three more under contract for traditional publishing. I also have two more to complete for my indie series. And there are six more in the pipeline in various stages. So to those people who ask me if I plan to continue to write… YES. It is a major part of my life now. It is my career. One day, it will be full-time and my only job.

To those of you who want to write… DO IT THIS YEAR. Don’t keep waiting for the right time… or to have enough time. That time will never come. You have to make the time and just write. Whether it is for 15 minutes or an hour or more a day… you must write something each day. Find someone you trust to be very truthful with you at all times and make them your beta buddy. Be prepared to hear things you might not want to hear about your efforts. But grow some thick skin because that will always be the case whether you are a beginner or a Pulitzer prize winner.

I hope that 2019 will be the best year yet for you and your loved ones.

Happy reading to all!


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