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Kicking off the Holiday Season!

Hello one and all,

Many of you know that I write contemporary romance novels. And one of them happens to be a Christmas romance! The Sheriff’s Christmas Angels is a sweet romance that takes two hearts in search of a home, one little girl hoping for a mother, and a stray puppy in need of its forever family and brings them all together in McKenna Springs, Texas… the beautiful little country town in the hill country that many readers know from my previous books. Add in the child’s belief in the magic of a Christmas angel, and wishes just might come true.

I thought of writing this story based on something my grandmother often said. She believed that special people come into our lives when we least expect them but often when we need them the most… and some of them could be angels in disguise. And that began the basis for my Christmas book.

The Sheriff’s Christmas Angels is a perfect read for an afternoon in front of a warm fire, with a mug of hot chocolate (with marshmallows, of course!), and snuggled in a comfy chair. I hope you enjoy reading my first holiday romance and I can promise there will be more coming!


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