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July's First Blog

July 1, 2018

Ok, so I haven’t been able to keep up with doing a blog on a daily or weekly basis. I write and edit my books… when I’m not working my full-time day job or taking care of everything for my family. I wish I could blog more. I wish I knew what would interest others as much as it interests me. I love talking about my books and writing. But I don’t do that very much because I don’t want to bore my non-writing friends.

I could write about my animals. My rescues are my little loves but they too, have suffered due to my schedule. Although, they forgive me unconditionally as always. I’m a reluctant cook. Or I could write about recipes. Clarification for the record… I DO cook. I am pretty good at it. But I don’t really like to do it because, once again, it takes time and I don’t have enough to go around.

My plan today was to get up early, have my early morning cup of coffee while feeding the doves in the yard who have trained me to provide food for them in return for them ignoring my presence in the same yard with them. I talk to them and they don’t desire to talk back… I suppose it’s a good relationship. However, today I tossed out the feed and did not stay to chat. I am getting sick… drainage in throat, general feeling of yuckiness. Probably too much mold and dirt coming in from the fields where farmers are trying to work the land despite our ridiculous drought.

I did take some time for myself today and read two books that had been sitting on the stack mounting up on my Kindle. I felt guilty. I should have been writing on the next book in my new series or on the Christmas book I cannot ignore. But I read these two books and enjoyed them both. And that is why I am writing this blog. They inspired me. To write today. But now a question popped into my head.

What movies do you enjoy watching over and over… they never seem to get old? One of mine came on tv just now. Where the Heart Is… about the young woman who gives birth in the Walmart and how her life evolves with the country folk around her. I enjoy it because it is a sweet story and it was filmed in my ‘neighborhood’ of the Texas Hill Country… Lockhart/San Marcos area. I spent some good shopping time in that same Walmart they used in the film. Just a little tidbit that popped into my mind.

And now I really need to get back to writing. The story I’m writing actually takes place just down the road a bit from where the movie story is right now. It’s a sign. Means I need to get on with writing this book so maybe it can be a film, too…LOL. Write always and dream big!!


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