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The Joy of Writing

Changes, changes….

I am still here, in front of the laptop. My mind is rambling in different directions. The quandary is this… I have several books that are waiting for me to continue them. Some of them are parts of series. Now, many authors would find that to be an awesome problem. I have author friends who often can only write one book a year… or two years. But that is their writing path and I have mine. Much of this came about with me following the desires of certain publishers and THEIR wants. I would begin one book and then be drawn off to write a different one for someone.

But I came to the realization that this writing is about what I want… and what my readers want. I must follow my heart in this, so I have made some changes and will continue to make more in the weeks to come. My path is mine to make. With those changes, some people may find that they are no longer on my social media. Sorry, but with spring cleaning, there comes change. I don’t want negativity and don’t want to feel I must tip toe or do any other things that are contrary to what I want… not being selfish, just being truthful to self. My freedom of speech and expression is mine to enjoy.

I took big step for me several days ago when I cut out allowing my work email (day job) to come through on my phone. I was literally on the job 24/7 when tied to that email on my phone. I stopped that. It has been a little aggravating perhaps to some, but not to me. In fact, I am glad I did it. I suggest others of you do the same. When I leave the building at the end of a work day, I leave it… period. My other priorities in life deserve my attention. Writing is but one of them.

It begins with prioritizing. List the things in your life in order of importance and act accordingly. For me, it was Family, Health (physical,mental,spiritual), Home, Good friends, Writing, Work, etc. What are yours? No change comes about until you know what it is that must change and why and make them priorities.

And back to my writing priority… the quandary is still here. Which book/series should get my attention next? What’s on the front burners? I have Darcy’s book in early stages… many of you who have read my McKenna Springs books know and love Darcy and have asked when she gets ‘her turn’. Then I have a beautiful series about sisters (in McKenna Springs), and a series forming about Texas Courage. And the list goes on to other series and stand-alone books. If anyone wants to weigh in with a vote, please do so! And dare I mention that I have two books in early stages that aren’t my normal contemporary romances but have more suspense added to them. (Secret… who is to say there isn’t a non-fiction work in the back of my mind?)

Friends and family who know me best, know it is never wise to try to put me in one box and keep me there… you never know where I will pop up next. Good luck on your prioritizing!


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