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The Beauty of Spring

March 24, 2018 Spring! I LOVE Spring!!! It brings beautiful flowers (bluebonnets in particular), vibrant new green colors to grass and trees, topaz blue skies, new baby animals make appearances and a renewed sense of hopefulness scents the air. All things are possible again… at least for a little while. LOL What embodies spring for you? I know it isn’t all perfect… as my allergies love to remind me. But I will suffer through those if I can refresh my mind and spirit with another spring in Texas. I also long for more time to contemplate the blank page on my laptop screen. The winter has been a long, hard one and taken a toll on my writing. Some of you know my husband had a quadruple bypass, falling ill on Christmas Day. Recuperation and rehab have followed, and a myriad of doctors’ visits still fill the calendar. Add to that, my daughter having orthopedic surgery this past week and my day job being a bear for several weeks and writing has been the victim. But I am beginning to see signs of that spark returning and I will fan those flames daily, hoping to return soon to that conflagration of desire to fill the blank page again with all the stories still clamoring for daylight in my brain. In the meantime, I have found stress-fighting places to visit… such as watching the live feed of the baby eagles being hatched in their nests in Washington and Florida. Or baby pandas exploring a new world around them for the first time. There are some great things to view on Facebook, instead of all the depressing news. And it brought some wonderful news to me yesterday when Amazon posted my book, Along Came a Ranger, as #1 in three categories!! That does a writer’s heart good and keeps me motivated. Thanks to all the readers who made that happen!! The big news from my neighborhood today is that our Texas Tech basketball team is on its way to the Elite Eight for the first time in history! Proud of their hard work and equally proud of our Court Jesters band that goes along with them to bring the Red Raider spirit to wherever they play. Wreck’em, Tech!! Here is a hooray to Spring… wherever you are, may you enjoy all it has to bring to you and yours and I hope it is nothing but beauty and renewed hope. Debra

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