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Customer Service Round Two

Update on my previous blog…

The morning began with real humans calling me not once but twice to assure me that a technician would show up today between 12 and 2. And the technician arrived on our doorstep at 12:01 sharp! He fixed the loose wiring issue in less than ten minutes. And he left his local number for me to call on him anytime I had a problem in the future. Wow. Then the company called to make sure I was pleased. Then the technician called again to check up on service and to remind me to call anytime. I know they were trying to make up for yesterday. I can appreciate that but still… get the customer service correct the first time… that’s the mark of a good company.

And as the sun fades in the western Texas sky…

Dinner is cooking, and I have the laptop ready to complete another chapter (or two) in my latest manuscript. Back to day job tomorrow and another week ahead. Hope everyone has a great week!


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