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February 4th Blog Post

February 4, 2018

I asked my assistant one day, when she reminded me that I needed to blog more… what am I supposed to write? She said that readers love to hear about my life, etc. I guess I never really paid much attention to blogs in the past. I never read an author’s blog or watched one of their book trailer videos to decide if I wanted to read their books. I just looked at the book’s front cover, read the back blurb, and then I bought it… or not. But who am I to argue with such an awesome assistant?

There will be days I won’t blog. Doesn’t mean I am not thinking about you. It means I am knee-deep in some problem with the hero or heroine… or both… in my latest manuscript. Or two. YES, I can and often do work on two different books at the same time. It works for me, do not ask me how. I have so many books that are waiting for their turn on my laptop. If only I could write all day long… a writer’s dream.

My dream… to be in the hill country of Texas. Perhaps in some quiet, secluded park where I spend time in my motorhome (need one first) and just write. Take lovely walks and refresh my brain and then hit the keyboard again. Visit with friends and family and renew my love of all things Texas. That is my dream. Reality is far different. Don’t get me wrong. I have a day job that I love… taking care of a few hundred university students in large and small ensembles in a School of Music is never dull. But someday… maybe my dream will come true… just need a few thousand more readers!

In the meantime, I want this to be a two-way street. I will ask questions of you, too. I am sending my words out into the great and silent unknown… hoping that someone is taking the time to read these blogs? It is a leap of faith on my part. I am a fairly ordinary person. My friends who know me too well are laughing right now. Go ahead. I own that I am a true redhead… I am stubborn, I have a temper (although I have learned so much more patience… give me that at least!), and I have strong opinions on certain subjects. My good friends know that we do not discuss politics (if we are on opposing sides) and if we are not on opposing sides, we have GREAT conversations and can fix the world’s problems in nothing flat!

I am fiercely loyal to those I love and admire. But do me wrong, break my trust, lie, hurt someone I care about… and you best find a deep hole to hide in. I speak Texan… which means I don’t beat around too many bushes. You might have noticed that my heroines are a bit on the feisty side too… they are Texans. No simpering, whiny shrinking violets on my pages… unless they are the ‘other woman’ and then they won’t be around that long anyway. LOL

Did I mention I am an animal lover? If some of you have read my earlier blogs, you know that I grew up raising orphan animals for area game wardens and that included more than a fair share of raccoons, foxes, deer, possums, and then I worked at a major zoo and got to raise some exotics like lion cubs and giraffes and vultures and so many more. I have three rescue dogs right now… Abby, Gypsy and Roxie. And one cat… Binx. There are numerous cats who come to my doorstep for their meals, but it makes hubby feel better if I refer to them as neighborhood cats and not mine. I have never understood those humans who do not value the lessons we learn from our animals on this planet. I feel sorry for those people.

My best memory of childhood? The day my dad got me my own horse. Every young girl should have a horse… trust me. There is something so special that happens there… a part of the growing up process that is made even more unique and those who have had that, know what I mean… right? My Blue Boy taught me so much and we shared so much… and I am a better adult for it.

I can cook. I must be in the mood. So, I can tell you right now, I am not going to be one of those authors who will regale you with my recipes and culinary expertise. Sorry. My grandmother was the world’s best cook… from scratch. My mother never wanted to learn from her so not much got passed to me, but I did my best to watch as a child and try to pick up some things from Grandma as I could. (Hint: if some of you have read Beware the Ranger… there is a scene in there with Apple Dumplings… so true.)

In fact, a secret here for readers… in each of my books, there is some scene, some memory, some snippet from my life that I allowed the hero or heroine to borrow and share with you. Wonder if you can pick out what it might be in each book? LOL

I have spent enough time on blogging for today. I must go figure out how I want Mother Nature in Texas to react in my latest chapter. Being weather in Texas, I can make it be a blizzard or sand storm or tornado… all on the same day!


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