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February 3rd Blog Post

February 3, 2018

It’s me again… so soon! I must admit that blogging is not all that easy for me. I feel if I am blogging, then I am not ‘writing’ on my manuscripts and that is what I should be using every moment to do… right? It is a quandary and I am trying to find a happy medium, but if I skip a few days, do not be surprised. The characters in my books have a way of taking over my mind and fingers on the laptop. When they call, I must go.

Today, I want to share how excited I am about my readers! While in the hospital with my husband, I received a letter from a new reader… very unexpected but very much welcome. It is hard to describe to others the feeling one gets when you find out from a stranger on the other side of the world how much they enjoy the words you put on paper and how you might have given them some happy moments with your work. To me, there is nothing better. While I must admit it would be a dream to any writer and certainly to me, to have thousands of readers reading my books, it is still gratifying and special to know that I have touched even one person along this journey.

I never set out to write War and Peace or the next Gone with the Wind. I simply want to share my little stories of happiness with others who might need to escape into a world far less complicated than our present one. To dream and sigh and be lifted in spirit a bit before the world brings us back to our realities. I hear from readers that my stories have done that for them in various ways and situations and that to me is the greatest success I could hope. To help others to dream… that is the best vocation ever.

It is astounding to me that I have readers and friends now in such places as New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, Australia, Canada, and in many states in our country. And each is special, and I love hearing from them and about their lives. So, yes, I am a writer who will endeavor to respond to emails and letters. You gift me and my work with your time (and hard-earned money) when you choose one of my books… I will never take that for granted. It is a privilege.

Now, I must get back to the far western corner of Texas. There is a very special heroine whom you already know if you have read very many of my books. Darcy is her name. And it is about time that she gets to tell her own story and find her own happy-ever-after. I have no idea where she is taking me, but it will be fun… and romantic!

Stay tuned…


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