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February 2nd

February 2, 2018 First blog of 2018, and Happy Groundhog Day! I have been remiss and missing in action for several weeks. For those of you who don’t know, my husband had a heart attack on Christmas morning. We are just now beginning to breathe easier and get back into our daily routines which now include mending from a quadruple bypass. But we are the lucky ones. There are those we met over these past weeks in the hospital that didn’t have such success… and their homecomings never came for them… at least not in this earthly realm. But we move forward. For me, that means struggling to get back to my normal writing schedule. And it is a struggle. I used to write at least five hours each weekday after my day job, and twelve to fourteen hours each on Saturdays and Sundays. But life has a way of upsetting your best laid plans when least expected… so we adapt. It seems that is what I am an expert doing in my life. Let’s get up to speed on the writing news. I have a new launch coming up in the next few weeks. Once the publisher sets the date in stone, it will be announced on my website and other social media. It will be the third book in the Cartwright Series… The Neighborly Thing to Do. The prequel, Annie’s Turn, has now become FREE to all readers on Amazon. It was always meant to be just that and help introduce everyone to the Cartwright siblings and their roads to romance. Please read and do share with all friends and family as it is FREE. There will be some news coming out soon… first to my Dream Team members as those are the readers who have been steadfast in their kind support of my work and I like to share good news with them first. (If you’d like to join that special group, check in with me at or with my AWESOME assistant Emilie at YES, to the often-asked question in recent weeks… there are more romances headed your way from me. I have some series coming out and some standalone romances, too. We have some exciting plans for new avenues of communication, including YouTube and others to bring my books… and ME… to you. LOL Stay tuned for more blogs and news. It is good to be ‘home again’ with my readers! Debra 

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