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10/22/17 Journal Post

October 22, 2017 Baby, it’s cold outside… those words come to mind as I take a step outside this morning. It is 39 degrees, the sun is about to rise on what will be a cloudless, sunny day in my corner of Texas. I have coffee in hand and am trying to decide what to do today with my writing. Tomorrow is launch day for my very first Christmas book… The Sheriff’s Christmas Angels. I hope the readers will love it as much as I did while writing it. I think it has a mix of laughter and tears and hopefulness of the season. And I have begun my second Christmas book… tentatively titled, Wishes Upon a Star. Hopefully, it will be ready to find a good home for next year. An hour later… I sat down at the laptop and then I got sidetracked…as we all do these days with so much social media at hand. But I did something today that I do not normally do. We had a big football game yesterday which we lost. Immediately, you have all the armchair quarterbacks and coaches telling the team what went wrong. I usually just sit and turn the deaf ear to them and let them spew forth their brainless farts. BUT… not today. You see, I have a son who is indeed more knowledgeable about most things football than many of those ‘talking heads’ on tv. So, I asked his opinion and then I shared it with the world or at least the ones on the football website. I was learning about nickelbacks and second and third lines defenses and the drop shoulder stance of the QB and more things along those lines than I really cared to know. EXCEPT… it was spot on. AND… who just happens to have a book in line about a coach that needs to be completed? Me. That info will now be incorporated. Therefore, I did not end up feeling bad about spending my writing time in frivolous pursuit on an athletic website! An author never knows where the next perfect scene for a book will come from. Anyway, the sun has risen, and the temp is rising. I must take my coffee and get busy writing. Hope your Sunday is wonderful wherever you are and hope you take time to get your copy of The Sheriff’s Christmas Angels for that holiday read. Let me know what you think of it! Debra 

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