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Journal Post 10/17/2017

I apologize. I will do better… or I will try really hard. I’ve never been one for writing in a diary or putting thoughts into a journal, but I am trying and I missed a day… maybe two. Bear with me.

I will say I had a good reason that put the journal on the side burner (not the back burner). That new book idea I had this weekend has really been playing along in my brain and I think there are some real possibilities with this story. So dear readers… forgive me if I go off on a writing tangent. It just means there will be one more book out there of mine for next Christmas season. I would say this season but one must realize that the publishing world does not always operate as fast as we would hope.

What did you do with your weekend? I did something out of the ordinary for me. You know how you have these ideas and you say, “that’s fun, but maybe next year we’ll do it.” And then next year comes and guess what? You say the same thing again. Before you know it, time has passed and you never got around to it. Well, I took some ME time this weekend (free weekend with no football game at home) and my husband and I drove two hours down the road to a huge arts and crafts show that takes over this small country town four times a year. This weekend was its last until late spring.

Anyway, the weather was a hint of fall (best you can get in Texas) and the crowd was light on this the last day (when I say light, it was probably a few hundred and not the few thousand or so of a normal day). Anyway, I found a treasure I had to have… a small angel for my mantel at Christmas time and two matching candlestick holders. We ate foot-long corn dogs on a stick and drank fresh lemonade and watched the parade of people and their dogs from underneath the shade of a huge oak tree. It was a good day. I ignored the fact I felt bad about doing something like that and not staying home and writing all day. But I think it only helps blow the cobwebs out of the old brain and puts fresh air to new ideas. I hope to do more of it.

What spontaneous things have you done for yourself? Time flies and then there is no more, so seize the moment! My day job is calling and I must go for now. Until next time… find some time for you!


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