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Rules for Writing

There are rules for writing. Sometimes too many rules. Rules depend on who is stating them at any given time. There are rules that make me see RED....and get me up on my soapbox....such as those dealing with POV. But that is a topic for another time. In researching some things about rules for writing, I came across something Raymond Chandler said: "I have made three rules of writing for myself that are absolutes: Never take advice. Never show or discuss a work in progress. Never answer a critic." I agree with the second and third one. I never allow anyone but my critique buddy/line editor to see my work in progress....not even my family. It is a quirk of mine and proud of it. Never answer a critic....well, I don't have any of those...YET. Only because my two books have not made it through the publishing phases yet. Once they are out, I am certain there will be those people who will expound on things wrong. I will not waste time on those reviews. My words are mine. Read them, enjoy them or not. They stand. As for the first one....never take advice. I can't go with that one hundred per cent. I have taken advice...gladly...from other writers, my agents, etc. I listen to what they say....I think it over....I either agree with it and use it to the betterment of myself as a writer....or not. But I welcome advice. I smile and thank the giver and I either keep the advice or toss it. One thing is a certainty in this winding, bumpy, pot-holed marred road of writing....I continue to learn and shape my craft. Looking back at manuscripts I wrote three years ago and comparing to what I know! So thanks to the advice givers....and those of you who became my teachers along the way.

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