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Still Writing...

I'm still here...still writing...still trying to learn all the ins and outs of the publishing world. That is a never ending experience! In a perfect world, I would be able to quit my day job...although I LOVE it. I would then be able to devote my entire day to writing on my manuscripts. At present, I have two that I am working on. I also have two that I am trying to re-edit and get back to my agent so they can get out to those wonderful editors who will hopefully fall in love with them and offer contracts (another perfect world example). That would also give me time to learn all about the social media needed to promote my books once they hit the marketplace. Unless you are lucky enough to be contracted with a major publishing house, you will have to do a lot of promoting of your work on your own. Start educating yourself WAY before your books are published! That is the perfect world. In my real world, I work 8 hours a day, go home and begin writing for another 4 hours. On weekends, unless there is a football game (part of my work), I am writing for ten to fourteen hours on Saturday and Sunday. I am lucky in that both my children are grown....however, that does not mean they do not require my attention....they still do, just now it is for grown-up stuff! My husband is in the mix too. We are going through some medical issues right now that has curtailed my writing somewhat, but the stories don't pay attention to that fact. Sitting in the doctor's office, waiting and waiting, a new storyline comes along and naturally I am searching for paper (left my notebook at home) and pen and end up writing new book notes on a brown paper bag! Where there is a will....and a story that won't stay out of my brain...there is always a way to write!

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